Health creeps are on the rise, frantically searching for new information and their fatal attraction to organic products mixed with their insatiable desire to switch to green juices and abandon the cola makes YOU the RD and your role as an influencer more important than ever before.


It also means that…

Technology-fuelled meal kits and subscription services, quick-cooking side dishes, and time-preserving solutions like Blue Apron, UberEats means that anyone—anyone can swipe the glass screen of their smartphone and summon a tasty meal right to their doorstep. The public is speaking and the demand for nutrition is here lurking, swirling in the atmosphere.


Health and wellness is a status symbol. This is a new world where food is sexy, it’s on fire, and rumor has it that low-carb diets have been swapped for uber-specific nutritional programs in 2017. Nutritional programs that speak to a person’s individual microbiome and DNA sequence. Bizarre requests for unusual ingredients pea protein and hemp powder were once wonky interests but soon to become mainstream.

People are hungry. They’re curious. They’re thirsty for wealth, health, and results.

Your RD expertise is needed now more than ever before.


  1. Are you ready for the unprecedented shift and the continuing evolution of nutrition & dietetics?
  2. Are you going to be the RD teaching those nutrition programs or will you keep the curious crowd waiting in line?
  3. Are you going to intersect this market and start shipping your gifts as an RD? Or are you going to stay on the bench, twirling your hair?



Because …
It’s not just about passing the RD Exam “just to pass”.
It’s not just about getting it over with.
It’s not just about cheap highlighting, quick and dirty recopying your notes, or drilling content into your brain.

You need to bring your A game on.

You need to know your craft and act the part.

You have to step up your game.

You have to rise to the occasion.


And the world is on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what YOU have to say about nutrition. You’ve got the goods, you’ve got the knowledge, and now is the time to intersect the market, package your knowledge and zap meaningful change in people’s lives through the language of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


 This is where I enter the scene…


I guide uber-confused, overwhelmed and jaded Future RDs (annihilated by the RD exam) how to demolish nutrition topics, concepts, and theories with a brain-science machete so you can pass the RD exam painlessly, get out there and be the best dietitian you can be.


I’m a heavy right-brained creator, dreamer & hustler and I love food and knowledge just as much as you do. I’m also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the Founder of Nutrition Genius. Minus the fancy degree and street creds, I’m just a human being who lives to learn and learns from living.

When I failed the DTR exam in 2011 (score: 24), I tore my study guide apart, replugged it with brain science, tweaked it until it became my personal encyclopedia and my trusty accomplice, to pass the exam. 

After a series of unfortunate failures in dietetics (no internship, no job, plus a delayed graduation) I set out to conquer the DTR exam so I could make a definitive change in my life. 

I became a mad scientist.

I tore out the pages of that study guide, smattered it with sea salt, doused them with memory techniques, gussied them up with brain research and wired them with the golden nuggets to succeed. A few months later, I took the exam again. I walked into the exam room for round two, and I passed with a score of 30.

However, these are just the sprinkles on the cupcake…



Revive a dead 2.5 GPA to a lively 3.6 GPA my last two years of college

Smash the DTR exam out of the park with a 30 (the second time)

Conquer the RD Exam in less than 6 weeks, in under 50 minutes.

Navigate my dietetic internship coursework without the skin-tearing anguish

Create the world’s first ever science-based study coaching program to help future RDs pass the RD exam in under 6 weeks using materials they already have (The RD Exam Playbook)

Create uber-nerdy, out-of-the-box techniques to help future RDs bulldoze their way through a pile of topics and tap into their creativity & imagination to study content differently to make their memory (and smarts) go viral

Helped over 100+ failing RD eligibles in the last 4 1/2 years to cut out their academic  bullshit, stop running in circles and revamp their study strategy (with brain science) to pass the RD exam


I don’t like labels. 

I don’t burp RD exam rainbows all day long and I don’t believe I’m the RD exam guru. But what I have on anyone is the time, focus, experience, and dedication to understanding the craft, the art and the science of learning and memory for several years. 

I’ve been passionate about it since 2009 and actively creating Nutrition Genius since 2013.

You should know that it wasn’t all wine and roses. I thought about quitting several times because the work is grueling and complex… but after 6000+ hours of development, 100+ successful RD eligibles later, and 4 1/2 years of researching, investigating, experimenting with brain science and nutrition and creating unorthodox, kooky techniques I chose not to quit.

So, I began publicly releasing my content in 2016 and it’s been mindblowing. 

Nutrition Genius is only one year old but it has left the crawling stage to inspire future RDs to use the power of brain science to tap into their inner Nutrition Genius, study for the RD exam creatively and become the dietitian they set out to be.

Above everything else, I show you your wings, help you believe in yourself and in your capacity to pass the exam and handle any future academic challenges in your life with finesse.

I teach future RDs like yourself how to cut the chaos and stop wasting time with slimy strategies, so you can pass faster, get out there, and start your career as a dietitian. 

I was —and I still am — a very creative person.

The only way I survived in school, exams, and life was to embrace the artist inside me. 



Because how you learn and remember affects your life.


I see the beauty of brain science as a form of protection, a vaccine against the insults you replay in your head. I see it as an antidote to the shoddy beliefs you have about yourself.

I also see the RD exam as an excuse to show you the ropes, maybe even give you the elixir to the stressful days of studying at the coffee table, from the run-around bits & pieces you scrap from Google that simply don’t make sense, and to give you learning advice that should be common but often feels blacklisted (because it isn’t discussed).


People don’t work 9 to 5 jobs unless they want to.

You can always buy organic.

People never undervalue themselves, negotiate, haggle, beg or plead anyone to like them.

People don’t waste their heartbeats on dogma but follow their own path, on their own accord.

Somewhere, there’s a scrumptious recipe that brings peaches and shiitake mushrooms together.

Boiled chicken ideas are regularly turned into magical ones.

People handsomely grow synaptic connections in their brains.

Everyone has an unapologetic, wild, creative imagination that brings their gifts to the world.

Even the heavy left-brainers believe they are artists.

You always, unapologetically be who you are and believe in yourself in this life and the next. 



Two things

That I think in mental movies.

I can bend my mind in bizarre, mysterious ways by finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, absorbing inspiration from the most unseemly corridors of life (cinema, design, philosophy, dew drops on the grass) and letting them blossom in the architectural spaces of my mind so that I can mold it with my tender hands, make it usable, meaningful and give it back to the world with an open heart. 

That I can turn complex ideas into instant ramen noodles…where the seasoning packet is already there, the broth is time-tested, infused with rich flavors that give you taste bud dancing effects; plus, the noodles are organic, buttery and out-of-this-world delicious; and the only thing that’s left for you to do is plug and play with my step-by-step processes to study, pass, and conquer the RD exam at incredible speed so you can start making your mark in the nutrition world. 

You just clicked the mouse to submit your last test question on the RD exam. Your heart is thumping, you feel as high as the Eiffel Tower, hooked on a frenetic rush and you zip out of that exam room with joy exploding from your chest. Your cheekbones are sore from smiling wide and you have a strong inkling something good is about to happen…

You exit the exam room, walk up to the counter with butterflies spinning in your stomach, the clerk places your results on the countertop and you curl the corner of the page to take a peek on the other side, which reads this:

CONGRATULATIONS, You have passed the Registered Dietitian Examination for Dietitians!

Tell the oompah loompahs and the unicorns to bolt onto the street and start dancing! Let the firecrackers pop, fizzle into the air! Because you just demolished a monster in incredible timing!

How do you make this real?

How do you make this a reality?

How do you get there?

How do you do it?

Learn the Top 7 Science-Based Steps (in under 17 minutes) to Study, Pass, and Conquer the RD Exam without The Hair-Pulling Anguish.


A practical step-by-step document that gives you a quick rundown on the brain science theories and steps to jumpstart your RD exam victory.

Without wasting your time so that you make sure your hard work scales (the first time) and you pass quickly to be the RD you set out to be. 

Even if you failed and you’re feeling jaded. 

Even if you have a gazillion different study guides. 

Even if you looked at all the blog posts on the internet. 

I can almost guarantee you that you’ve never been taught this before. 


Get the unorthodox, out-of-the-box advice from an extremely nerdy RD.


Future RD:

I’m giving the Cheat Sheet a temporary face lift. Kindly check back in a few days to get your paws on it. Alternatively, please feel free to email me ( with your questions.


Priyanka, RDN, LDN