Learn 7 Science-Based Steps in under 15 minutes to Study, Pass, and Conquer the RD Exam.

Get the jump start you need to focus your energy on the right steps,  ensure you don't waste time, make sure your hard work scales, and pass the RD Exam quickly to be the RD you set out to be. 

Many RD Exam study guides tell you what to study. Unfortunately, they don't always tell you how to study.

that's where i step into the scene. 


My name is Priyanka, the founder of Nutrition Genius.

I'm also a Registered Dietitian and I guide future RDs like yourself to study and pass the RD exam.

what makes me an rd exam expert

5 compelling reasons to trust me. 

REASON #1: I've cracked the code on exam success.

After a series of dietetic bitchslaps, no internship, no job, and a delayed college graduation, I also managed to fail the DTR exam in the Fall of 2011 (score: 24). So,  I deconstructed my study guide, re-plugged it with the principles of successful learning and memory, and tweaked it until it became my encyclopedia — my personal accomplice to pass the exam. A few months later, I took the exam again. ​I walked into the exam room for round two, and I passed with a score of 30.

REASON #2: I have worked with over a hundred RD Eligibles in the last few years.

I've helped 113+ RD eligibles in the last 4 1/2 years to revamp their strategy, flip their approach, and pass the RD exam. The conversations started on phone, traveled to email, and sometimes turned into coffee dates at Starbucks. My best success story failed 4x. I met her through a forum, and she did a coaching session with me via phone for 30 minutes and she passed 8 weeks later. 

REASON #3: I'm a mad scientist when it comes to the science of education.

When I failed the DTR exam,  I converted to the religion of neuroscience. I became very absorbed and committed to understanding how the brain operates and what makes it tick. Up to date, I've read over 250+ books​ (mostly scholarly articles and peer-reviewed journals) in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, successful learning & memory as well as other subjects that shed light on how to learn and remember better in life. Now, I create my own creative, science-based techniques that anyone can implement to pass the RD exam. 

REASON #4: I used science-based strategies to knock the RD exam out of the park myself. But, my experience was surprisingly breezy.

I used brain science (and memory techniques) to pass the RD exam in under 6 weeks. In fact, I finished the exam in under 50 minutes. For me, the exam felt surprisingly easy thanks to some kooky hacks I implemented while I studied. Just a hint: the very first thing I did was chuck my study guide away. I didn't reference it during those 6 weeks. However, please don't misunderstand. Studying, for me, was hard. However, because I used creative tactics to study and gave it 1000% the exam felt astonishingly easy.  

REASON #5: I know what the sticking points are for the RD exam and chances are I have a special technique locked away in my vault to help you tackle it. 

I've been swimming back and forth from research to RD exam content for so many years that now I have created an arsenal of tactics specifically geared for infamous sticking points in the RD exam. Example, the usual mental assaults: Vitamins and Minerals, Medical Nutrition Therapy, FTE Calculations —these challenging topics can be nipped with some whip-smart, chisel-focused science-based techniques. 

An example of a technique:Visual Snapshots; a method I created to help RD Eligibles turn words into pictures that allow you to tap into your high-speed visual memory.

RD Eligibles tell me that my techniques are "innovative", "creative", "unique" but highly practical, and they're designed to help you get out of those jaded traps you feel with those challenging topics while you study for the RD exam.

Just imagine.

You just got your paws on a document that demystifies the mind-numbing terror of studying for the RD exam...and you get some answers to your most burning question, "Where do I start?"  

You simply download the document, open it up  on your phone and discover a set of high-level steps you can add into your RD exam regimen as quick as tonight to turn your old strategy upside it's head and revamp your approach in just  under a few minutes. 

Just think: Someone sits across you in a coffee shop and tells you, "These are the 7 steps you should focus on to study smart for the RD exam." You leave the cafe with a fresh mind, ready to skip the old-school tactics that siphon your time and suck your brilliance. You feel empowered. 

That's what The Cheat Sheet will teach you. 

Once you zip through it, you will shine a light on where to start so that you can make your study sessions count from the get-go and nurture positive study habits from the beginning of your RD Exam journey.

Love & Praise for the cheat sheet

Before The Cheat Sheet I was the typical RD eligible, I copied my study guide over and over, I spent hours writing and rewriting my notes, but I still didn't feel as if I was making any progress. The Cheat Sheet offered fresh innovative, science based way of studying and retaining information. Step #1 & #2 opened my eyes to the error of the way I'd previously been studying. Priyanka has changed the world for me in the area of studying. I recommend every RD eligible purchase the Cheat Sheet before taking the exam. I personally identify with Priyanka's teaching and writing style because I'm a visual learner and I learn best by making connections memories of the material. The Cheat Sheet changes the game of studying for the RD exam.

Tawanda P.
RD Eligible

I can't thank you enough for this information. I think it has given me the new perspective on studying that I needed. I'm actually excited to study tomorrow and apply these concepts. Seriously you've got something great here! I was struggling with knowing the best studying techniques to use as I have never been a good studier. The most impressive point for me was number 7. I was feeling hopeless and like passing my exam was very out of reach. I would highly recommend this because it makes you think about studying in a whole new perspective and doesn’t make it seems as terrifying. It made me feel as though it was possible and I can do this. Priyanka's writing style is modern, realistic, relatable, and scientifically correct. Her wit and funny comments make reading her work interesting. I think these principles were condensed in such a great way. THANK YOU!

Jillian W.

RD Eligible

I have read through the document! It's amazing how much it spoke to me. I also realized where I have been wasting my time and I was laughing at all of the things I was doing studying that were probably time wasting and useless and not helping me pass! I was doing a lot of reading and re-reading and highlighting over and over and over.For me step #1 and step #4 were both helpful. I needed tips and guidance on the best way to absorb tons of information and how to memorize it so I can walk into the RD exam confident and not feel as stuck on questions I may not know right away. I would recommend the Cheat Sheet to other future RD/RD eligibles. For those particular students who are naturally bad test takers like myself, it is important to get extra help from someone who understands and wants you to look at the material with new tips and hope to pass it. I believe that Priyanka's style is VERY important. After my internship, we were given the top study guide in the market and that was it. I needed new study methods and a new way to look at the exam questions and especially a new way to absorb material. Besides that, Priyanka is very nice and sweet and genuinely wants to help those students who are struggling big time to pass this exam. Nothing is better than having someone in your corner who understands! Exams do have a certain brain science to them and it is important that student understand this. It is what is missing during the whole exam process and what I wish I knew during my internship to prepare for the exam. I wasted a lot of time studying the wrong way and getting frustrated with Inmans. I look forward to hearing from you and I'm excited to try these strategies out now!

Stacy S.

RD Eligible

I would definitely recommend this cheat sheet to every RD Eligible (actually, I already told my RD Eligible friends about it).Taking the exam is not only about studying the entire content of a certain handbook. You need to have strategy. We have to make sure that we use our time frame wisely. It's a sad truth that the test is done in a linear fashion. It was so frustrating to read a study guide you previously read several times and you find out that some of the topics are still "new" to you. Then I start thinking, maybe my brain is so frail and so forgetful. I've learned through Nutrition Genius that visual learning can help retain more information rather than just reading words. Priyanka has a very unique writing style. She is witty and relatable. She understands the fears and anxiety of every RD eligible. Not only did she help me intellectually, she also helped me emotionally on how to deal with test anxiety. The science-based principles is very new to me. This was never taught in school. I'm lucky to be able to get a hold of this Cheat Sheet. I have been recommending her work to my RD eligible friends because I know this would help them overcome this hurdle- that is, the RD exam.Thanks Priyanka. You are a blessing.

Katherine P.

RD Eligible

a few questions swirling & twirling in your head 

and my to-the-point answers

How quickly will I pass the RD exam using The Cheat Sheet?

Will this Cheat Sheet work for me if I've failed, I'm rusty,  been out of the world of dietetics for a while, or if <insert your doubt here>? 

How long is The Cheat Sheet?

What happens once I buy?

How long do I have access to The Cheat Sheet?

How can I get a refund?

Why should I even bother buying The Cheat Sheet? I mean, I can figure it out myself right?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

What's included in each step?

One last CRUCIAL reminder...



What Other RD Exam Study Guides leave out (especially the most popular guides):

  • No direction on how to tackle the content in your study guide. 
  • No  practical advice on where to focus your time, energy and effort to conquer the information in the study guide. 
  • A large binder filled with RD Exam content that tells you what to study but unfortunately leaves you wondering, "Where do I start?" "How do I do this right?" "What's the smart way to tackle this information?"

What The rd exam cheat sheet Fills In:

  • A condensed document featuring  7 steps from the Science of Education that tell you what to do and what not to do to study right and pass the RD Exam the smart way.
  • The science-backed research to support each step with a quick explanation on how each step helps to amplify your brain, performance, and memory.
  • A short example on how to apply each science-based step so that you can start implementing the step right away. 

Get the sweet, brain-science jump start you need to pass the RD Exam.


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