Say goodbye to soul-crushing study guides.

Introducing a new science-based RD exam training for future dietitians. An online video course designed to help you remember more, study smarter, and pass the RD exam in under 90 days.

Launching  2017. 

Researched for over four years, it's designed to be a step-by-step system that helps you focus, builds your confidence, remember longer, become a strong test taker and pass the RD exam.

why i created this program

"The Nutrition Genius RD Exam Training is a new science-based RD exam review that guides you through all 4 domains of the RD exam. Built on the principles of successful learning and memory, it's created to walk you through every nook and cranny of the RD exam - every topic, every section - to help you become a confident, sophisticated test taker as well as better Registered Dietitian."

The RD exam is the start of your new career. And most study guides don't always help you study right. show you what to do, what not to do, and where to pour your focus.

I once failed the DTR exam several years ago, deconstructed that entire study guide, and rewired it with learning strategies I discovered through scholarly articles. My score jumped up by several points the second time I took the exam. 

​After working with countless RD eligibles, through casual conversations over the telephone, forums on the internet, and via emails — originally just for fun — I learned what people were really struggling with; which is how to study.  This is a gap I have set out to fill, by weaving in these science-based learning strategies and covering dietetics in a comprehensive manner.

What's interesting is that there is a direct synergy between your ability to learn and your capacity to excel as a dietitian. The deeper value of this program, is that it will inevitably patch up some of your learning gaps while you prepare for the exam. I believe this will increase your value and confidence as a Registered Dietitian in the long run. 

This program is for the new graduate looking to pass quickly, for the RD eligible that has struggled in passing, or even a returnee coming back to the world of dietetics. 


Watch, apply, and remember information. 

Over the years, what was complicated has turned out to be pretty simple. ​I've taken the the top learning strategies from the science of successful learning and memory (and other theories), and worked them into three key areas of this program: video lectures, test questions, and super power solutions, my pet name for memory exercises. 

I've broken down each topic from the CDR's outline into several bite-size video lectures, ranging 5-15 minutes long. The number of videos inside each topic vary. This means one topic can contain as few as 3 videos and as many as 11. Regardless, I've aimed to keep it brief, comprehensive, and run through all the points you need to know in a short lecture.

yet, at the end of the day, your work is simple.

When you study for the rd exam, you just follow these four steps:

Watch the lesson. 

Each video lesson runs 5-15 minutes long and contains memory building features to help you anchor the information longer. We we will explore these features in just a moment.



After watching a video lesson, you will complete a 5-10 question quiz. Quizzes are created to help you address two levels of studying: 1) simple recall and 2) application. Stay tuned for the psychology & research behind these questions..


Complete memory exercises.

Some topics are complex and contain optional memory exercises after the quizzes. These exercises are unique, fun, and designed to help you remember.



There's nothing like the "real deal", is there? There are three practice exams placed between specific domains. Each exam is 125 questions and features a timer, just like the real RD exam.

Let's walk through each of these steps and learn how each one was designed to help you pass the RD exam. Before we do that — we need to look at the research.


the research

I've sifted through the academic research, deconstructed theories, and turned them into strategies and applied it to the RD exam. Flip through my research file and have a look at the strategies and theories I've based this new training from. Every strategy is explained in a simple way. 

  • strategy #2
  • strategy #3
  • theory #1


What is it?

Rumor has it - human memory is visual. We process pictures thousands of times faster than text. The key is knowing how to apply your visual memory to the RD exam - the right way.

The challenge.

Here's the problem. Most RD exam study guides don't contain many illustrations. They're ongoing bullet points, packed with tons of information, and you'd be hard pressed to find any graphics.

Visual memory is essentially locking on to what you see and storing that information as a snapshot in your brain. It's acquiring RD exam information through your eyes and storing these mental pictures in our brains.

How is it applied inside this program?

I have a "no bullet point" policy. I try to drive home information visually as often as I possibly can to help you remember information. I do include labels, however. This is the reason why I deliver RD exam lessons mainly through videos.

where art meets nutrition science

The video lessons I've designed will help you remember and make it easy for you to stay engaged. Plus, I've added some principles of visual memory in here, too.



I guide you through clear and simple explanations of functions, underlying diseases, steps in a chemical process - everything under the sun - using a storytelling format. This keeps you engaged and the illustrations help you lock information into your memory. 


Get up to speed before you dive in. "Root markers", visual icons in the top left-hand corner of the video, give you quick background information you need to understand before studying new information.


Everything connects. Concepts make a reappearance to help you link and remember information for long-term memory.


Visual roadmap package RD exam content into story flow, to help you help you know where you are and which topic you're studying next. 


Quick summaries to tie all the information together at the end of a video lesson.  

see this in action.

Test questions are the heart and soul of preparing well for any exam.

The art of getting good at taking a test is to practice as if you are taking the test. This means, you need an arsenal of unique test questions at your beck and call to help you stay quick on your feet as you study for the RD exam. I like to say, "out fox the RD exam". My goal is to help you outfox the exam, by giving multiple opportunities to test yourself during the course of your RD exam studying so there are no surprises when you get to exam day.

A deeper look: THE QUIZZES


Ever get irritated with no rationales?It's easy to get trapped and tricked leaving you without the compass you need to move forward. As I mentioned above, I  made sure every single quiz contains an explanation for the right answers and the wrong answers. So you can learn from your mistakes and become a sophisticated test taker.


Sometimes, I'll sneak in questions from domains you haven't studied yet. Why? Mixing apples and oranges, strategy #1, remember? We mix in surprise questions (interleaving) into your quizzes, so you're challenged and solve problems before you learn the solution. 


Our question bank has a mix of "light" and "heavy" weight questions. Question from the top tier, that really get you to apply knowledge - and questions from the lower tier, that encourage you to remember or understand your RD exam content. With our test question bank you learn from your mistakes, give yourself great feedback.


The goal of self-testing is to pretend you're an expert, break illusions of what you think you know, and get better and better. That's exactly what we help you do. Help you feel like an expert. 

the practice exams


I've joined forces with some whip-smart testing software to create 3 RD practice exams for you. Each test is dropped strategically between certain domains, and comes with a timer - just like the real RD exam.


The same philosophy applies here. You will encounter questions that encourage you to recall and remember knowledge, and you will also see questions that ask you to apply your knowledge. Application is everything. 


Take practice exams over and over again as many times as you want. Learn from your mistakes by practicing over and over again, until you get it right my friend.

get a sneak peek just before launch.

super power solutions

Super power solutions are memory exercises I've developed organically over time. Sometimes, reading text and answer test questions is not enough. For those cases, these memory exercises are useful. 


The reality is that we think about information holistically. Like a spider web. Enter graphic organizers.

Graphic organizers use the power of whole brain thinking, which is bridging the gap between your left-brain and your right brain. 

Your left brain is seeking order in the chaos of your RD exam content, it's looking for a strategy, to develop a pattern in that sea of information. And, this is what bullet points help you do. They provide order. But, what about the right brain? Doesn't it play a role in learning, too?

Your right brain has a rich imagination, loves color, creates new connections between facts, and it will even find the philosophy, the deep understanding in nutrition.  

Bringing these two worlds together will help you declutter your RD exam content, simplify complex information (like Medical Nutrition Therapy), and help you save the big picture and the details of what you study into your brain. This boosts your memory, deepens your understanding, and all of this will help you perform better on the RD exam.  

That's a lot of goodies, isn't it?

You'll find graphic organizers mostly inside clinical nutrition (domain 2), to keep your thinking nice and clean and help you succeed in breaking down challenging information.


Some sections of the RD exam get really dense. That's when you need a little TLC to "lighten up" the complexity. 

Inside a topic, you can convert words into pictures and link them together in a story to help you remember the information.

Case in point here. Here, we have the function and deficiencies of Vitamin A. in text form. Typically, only 20% of the words in a block of text contain useful information, so we highlight those keywords here in bold (as depicted over in the right).

We convert these keywords into colorful pictures down below. This is a really powerful method for anyone, all types of learners. The secret is to codify those keywords into something that resonates with your imagination to help you remember the information. It's especially helpful with topics that contain multiple details, such as Vitamins and Minerals in Domain 1.

I developed this method over several years of trial and error. I believe this is one of the most powerful methods​ inside this training. 

how is this rd exam training set-up?

When you join you will be created an account that you can log in with. Once in, you will get access to all 4 domains, video lessons, quizzes, and practice examinations. You can watch the videos in chronological order, which build up slowly from theory to application. Or you can choose your own adventure by moving to any domain and watching the topics that you want to concentrate on the most. You can work on the areas where you feel you can improve the most.

About the teacher: Priyanka singh, rdn, ldn 

Hi everyone I'm Priyanka. I'm a Registered Dietitian, the founder of Nutrition Genius. Over the last 9 years I have researched the science behind successful learning and memory and applied it as a young nutrition student, intern, and working RD.

The world is looking at Registered Dietitians for their advice, expertise, and knowledge - and you've have the capacity to inspire people to good health, inner wealth. My vision is that through this training you will go beyond the simple goal of passing the RD exam — that you will become more confident, sure footed dietitian, and brilliant in teaching and explaining nutrition as a result of taking this course.

For that reason, I've made every effort to build this program to cover dietetics comprehensively but to also discuss nutrition in a way an RD would use it in the field. 

What you're experiencing is a very polished version of a creative mess from the last 9 years. It took a few years to transfer my imagination to the digital world, but after long nights in my yoga pants I've unlocked the code. And so, I was able to create all of the illustrations, artwork for this program. I also write my own test questions. I write on a blog where I share insight and thoughts about nutrition, the exam, and learning as an RD. You can learn some of these strategies and join a free monthly newsletter. It's where I release most of this information.

I'm also on Instagram and Twitter (@vervepriyanka). Thank you so much for stopping by to read about the program! I hope one day we can meet in person and talk about nutrition together. If you sign up, you'll be sure to get demo videos, sample test questions, and an inside look before I launch the training to the world. 

join me. 



  • When does it launch?
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  • what is the cost?

We're still working on pricing at this time, but most likely the course will available in different packages to meet everyone's needs.

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